Glenn has a secret.

A terrible, life ruining secret that could get him killed

Or punched in the face. More so the latter because Daryl would never kill an innocent Korean boy, would he?

It was a good day. He had made it back from a trip into the city with new clothes for everyone and food and water. It was an easy trip there and back, and Glenn was glad to see everyone so excited and thankful. Even Daryl had patted his shoulder and said ‘thanks, chinaman’ and coming from him, it meant a lot.

Glenn had gotten Daryl new jeans. 

This was his downfall.

They were jeans that fit, instead of the usual pair he had that nearly fell off him. Jeans that fit nicely

Glenn had never noticed it before, but Daryl Dixon had a sweet ass

At first, Glenn stares with a sick satisfaction and interest and then he realizes who he’s staring at and can feel that sense of “holy shit" creeping up on him. He tries to avoid Daryl the rest of the day but luck was not in his favor.

He was standing right there when Daryl bent over to pick up a dead squirrel.

He had the perfect view when Daryl dropped to his knees to clean his hands in the lake. 

His new jeans were already caked with dirt and grass stains. That would have bothered Glenn, had he not been distracted. Glenn hopes he changes back into his old pants after the girl’s finish watching them. And then he’s going to burn the nice-ass pants the first chance he gets.

But Daryl doesn’t change them. As the days pass, Glenn thinks either Daryl’s ass has gotten nicer or the pants have somehow shrunk. Or maybe his mind is playing tricks on him. 

It’s a surprise when Daryl asks him to tag along on a hunt. Well, he doesn’t ask, he more or less tells him he’s going. “Gotta learn sometime, Korea.” So now Glenn is stuck with Daryl Wonderful Ass Dixon and probably has to kill an animal. Great.

Glenn stays a few steps behind and secretly stares at each step Daryl takes. If he knew he wouldn’t get shot with an arrow, he’d tell him he walked like a girl. (Swing, swing, swing, his hips are sashaying all over the place). 

"Aw, shit." He hears Daryl say under his breath, a grin stretching across his face. "Look." Glenn follows his gaze, spotting the bulk deer down the hill, munching on plants. He wants to feel bad, it’s just an innocent animal, but he knows just how hungry everyone (himself included) is. Daryl says something and when Glenn looks back, Daryl is on the ground and crawling to the ledge. Glenn’s mouth actually falls open. Daryl’s ass is in the air and he’s on all fucking fours and even when he lays on his stomach, his ass still looks

Glenn finds himself being shoved down and crowed too close to the redneck. “Told ya to get down. Want the damn thing to see ya?” 

"Uh," Glenn stutters, "no?" His brain isn’t functioning; for a second, he doesn’t even know what Daryl’s talking about. 

"You got this one." Glenn’s hands are suddenly full of Daryl’s crossbow and wow, it’s a lot heavier than it looks. “Should know; you miss, I’m kickin’ your ass.”

"No pressure." Glenn mumbles. He’s only shot the crossbow a number of times, at things that didn’t move or have a heart beat. And he didn’t have someone literally breathing down his neck at the time, either. He gulps and aims the arrow, chewing on his lip. Daryl’s arm is still on his back, pressed against his shoulders. The heat is distracting. Glenn holds his breath, then watches the arrow fly. 

It hits it mark, slicing it’s way straight into the deer’s neck. For a stunned moment, the poor thing goes rigid, then slumps over and it’s legs kick desperately. Glenn wants to cry just watching it. He glances at Daryl with a sad look, but Daryl’s grin is so bright and proud, that it shocks the all sadness from Glenn’s body. 

"Good job, kid." Daryl says, the hand on his back smoothing over his shoulder blades. "Let’s go get it." Glenn lets out a shaky breath and nods. Daryl stands and Glenn looks over his shoulder. The view from this point is nice. Daryl gives him a hand standing and dusts the dirt and leaves from his shirt for him.

"Thanks." Glenn grumbles.

"Hey, don’t stress yourself about it, alright?" Daryl starts on his way down the slope, reaching back to take Glenn’s wrist so he doesn’t fall. "It would’a been killed by a walker if we hadn’t beat it to the punch." 

"Right." Glenn sighs. 

"Kill or be killed, Korea." Daryl pats Glenn on the head, knocking his hat into his eyes. Glenn squawks, pushing him away. Daryl retrieves his arrow and oh, Glenn almost forgot about his ass. “You gonna keep starin’ or are you gonna help me?” Glenn turns red, shuffling forward. He holds Daryl’s ‘food holdin’ bag’ while Daryl does the dirty work of cutting the deer to pieces. 

"How long have you been hunting?" Glenn asks. There’s a slight pause in Daryl’s movements.

"Long as I can remember." Daryl replies. "My pop took me huntin’ the minute I turned six or seven, can’t remember which." 


"Fishin’, too. He loved goin’ fishin’." There’s a small smile gracing his lips now, faint and reminiscent. "You wouldn’t think it, but I’m a damn good cook." 

"Really?" Glenn smiles. 

"You bet. I could cook this sucker up if I had the right shit." 

"I could run into town if you want."

"Nah," Daryl shakes his head, "ain’t worth riskin’ your life over." Glenn waits a beat to speak.

"I used to play piano." He says, earning a glance. "You know, before. I was good, too."

"You like music?" 

"Yeah," Glenn grins, "my mom used to tell me I was gonna be a rock star." 

"Rock star playin’ a piano." 

"Damn straight." That earns a laugh. Glenn’s not used to hearing Daryl laugh, so he soaks it in and smiles right back at him. 

They’re mostly silent on the way to the lake. Daryl seems lost in thought, so Glenn doesn’t bother him. It’s always struck Glenn as odd that the Earth can still manage to seem so peaceful, even when humanity has ended. 

Daryl cleans the meat. Glenn offers to help, but Daryl smirks and says, “You’re too sensitive for this, Korea. Don’t need you hurlin’ all over the place,” so Glenn watches instead. Daryl is very precise with every piece he cleans. He’s quiet, focused, and Glenn realizes that this is the perfect time to sit back and stare at his ass, so he takes it. He seats himself on a tree stump, and takes in the view. If anyone asked what he was staring at, he’d say the sunset. It would be half right, anyway.

Daryl finishes up and cleans the blood off his hands and arms. He stands and looks at the sun for a moment, before turning to Glenn. He doesn’t say anything as he walks toward him and stops nearly a foot away. “Stand up.” He orders. Glenn furrows his eyebrows, but does as he’s told. “Gimme your hands.” Glenn blinks.


"Just do it." He does, and Daryl’s hands are still cold from the water. "Here." Daryl tugs him closer and wraps Glenn’s arms around himself, making Glenn squeak in protest. Daryl presses Glenn’s hands into his ass and Glenn may or may not have forgotten how to breathe. 


"You been starin’ all day." Daryl smirks, dropping Glenn’s hands and purposely pushing into them more. Glenn gulps, slipping his hands into Daryl’s pockets. "Atta boy, Korea." Daryl murmurs. 

"Why…?" Glenn says, voice low.

"You got me the jeans, may as well enjoy ‘em." Glenn can only manage a nod because holy fuck, Daryl’s ass is perfect. Glenn works up the courage to squeeze and pull Daryl closer, so their bodies are flush together. Glenn lifts his gaze, and their stares lock. Daryl’s eyes flash down to Glenn’s parted lips. 

"Daryl." Glenn says weakly.

"Yeah." Their foreheads meet and their noses brush. Their hips are aligned, and Daryl slips a hand to the back of Glenn’s head. His hat falls to the ground and Daryl lunges, all tongue and teeth and Glenn can feel himself fall apart against his lips. Daryl licks his way into Glenn’s ready mouth, groaning in the back of his throat. Glenn doesn’t know how long they kiss, but at some point, he realizes that he actually does need to breathe and has to pull away. But Daryl’s kiss just migrates down his jaw to his neck, nibbling and sucking every inch of skin it touches. 

"Daryl." Glenn whimpers. "We need to, ah, b-bring the food back…”

"In’a minute." Daryl grunts, dragging his tongue over Glenn’s collar bone, pausing to suck and bite. 

Jesus.” Glenn gasps. He knows there’s gonna be a mark there, visible for everyone to see. He also knows those were Daryl’s intentions. Daryl’s lips cover his again, hot and chapped and Glenn doesn’t ever want to stop, but Daryl’s pulling away just as fast, smirking with dark eyes.

"Gotta bring the food back." He whispers, nudging his nose against Glenn’s cheek.

"What?" Glenn blinks, mind fogged with wantwantwant and DarylDarylDaryl. “Oh.” He bites his lip and nods. Daryl’s drags his thumb over Glenn’s bottom lip.

"Quit doin’ that. Drives me crazy."

"Sorry." Glenn can’t help but smile when Daryl turns pink. He presses a kiss against Daryl’s wrist, and then another, and another. Daryl’s reaction is better than he imagined. His eyes flutter shut as he bites back a moan. Wrists. Daryl likes it. Noted. Glenn licks and kisses his way up his arm, stopping only when Daryl speaks.

"Glenn." His voice is thick, full of heat, and it’s a shock to hear his own name. Glenn looks at him, melting under his stare. "You better stop, ‘less you want me take you right here," he rolls his hips and Glenn chokes out a strangled moan, "right now." 

"Ngh," Glenn gasps, "We have to… the food…"

"Mmm," Daryl kisses him, "better hurry with that then."

"Yeah," Glenn nods, "yeah, let’s go." Daryl laughs aloud when Glenn drags him all the way back to camp. He almost throws the food at Dale when they get there. He doesn’t give a damn that everyone’s hugging him and exclaiming and excited about all the food, no, he’s too focused on the way Daryl’s smirking and nonchalantly walking into the forest. 

Glenn can scratch ‘Have sex in the woods’ off his bucket list.

Along with ‘Have sex against a tree’. And ‘Have sex in a lake’. 

And in a few months, he’ll look at Daryl and mentally scratch off ‘Fall in love’ too.


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